Rigid Box

Rigid Box

Rigid boxes are the most commonly used packaging boxes and are four times thicker than the average folding carton and as the name suggests they are stiff and sturdy. A modern phone or a shoebox is a perfect example of a rigid box and that is why they are known as luxury boxes.

Solid food or cosmetic grade packaging with durable interior and exterior is used to store items for a long period of time. Its stiffness and smooth textured looks make it look premium and that is why the majority of the modern phone and other luxury item companies used them to sell their products in order to give users a good unboxing experience. 

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Juxiang Printing And Packaging Co., Ltd is one of the leading and premium level rigid boxes manufacturer and suppliers in China. We have more than 10 years of experience in the rigid box manufacturing industry. We were founded in 2009, and since then, we have been serving the world as the best quality China rigid boxes and offer our products at affordable prices. We are known as one of the highest-quality rigid boxes supplier. We have a dedicated team of research and development that continuously works on to provide us with the leanest methods of production, thus, helping us keep and maintain the low prices for our customers

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We know that the packaging boxes are as relevant as the enclosed entity; thus, we put our utmost efforts to provide you with the most exclusive quality and highly durable China rigid carton. We are regarded as the most outstanding and superior quality, rigid carton supplier. We provide the optimal quality backed up with essential durability, classiness, and excellence at the best market competitive prices. We are one of the most appreciated and trusted wholesale rigid boxes manufacturer. We put our keen focus on optimizing the quality to make the best out of the raw material that we have. We do not skyrocket the prices because we always want to make the quality priceless, not pricey for our customers.

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We are the best China rigid boxes supplier whether it is your favorite pair of shoes or a precious item that you wish to present to your loved ones, Juxiang Printing provides you with the most durable and well-fashioned rigid cartons. There are many reasons why you should be using our manufactured rigid cartons:

1. They provide the added value for the protection of the enclosed product.

2. Their appearance is appealing, classy and durable.

3. They radiate quality, therefore, adding extra cost to the quality of the enclosed product as well.

4. We provide the most beautiful finish of the boxes that is nicer to touch and feel.

5. We provide the boxes with beautifully cornered edges, invisible magnetic lock, and extreme elegance that adds to the beauty of the enclosed product as well.

6. We provide quality and highly durable China rigid cartons at best rates.

Our Well Experienced And Dedicated Team

We have well experienced and professional research and development team. It keeps us updated with the timely innovations and technological advancements, thus, helping us keep our production processes highly optimized. As a leading rigid boxes manufacturer in the international market, our production and product design teams work closely with the customers in order to ideally understand the customers’ needs and requirements, thus, providing them with the most satisfying packaging solution. We offer a 24/7 active customer support and service, which is accentuated with human to human help. We ensure timely and efficient delivery of the orders to achieve the customers’ happiness and satisfaction.