Juxiang Paper Shopping Bag Manufacturer Of The Global Market

We are the wholesaler of a competitive global market. Our company specializes only in delivering the finest quality custom made shopping bags for our customers and sell them at affordable wholesale prices worldwide. Wholesale paper bag supplier like us deliver our products to all professional brands and industries and giving them the freedom to customize the paper bags with logos and designs just the way they like it. Juxiang Packaging Printing LTD has an extensive management system that carefully crafts products that look and feels elegant when you touch them that's why we are called the remarkable wholesale paper bag manufacturer who provides their customers only the best.

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Paper bags have been a popular choice for packaging and carrying items for decades

Paper bags have been popular for packaging and carrying items for decades. They are eco-friendly, af...

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Juxiang is offering large variety of paper bags to its customers from luxury to economical and custom-made paper bags. Our products are made from uncoated paper that gives a smooth feel made from pine trees which makes it nature friendly. It consists of cellulose fiber which gives it a smooth feel when you rub your hand on it and deteriorates each time when you recycle it making it biodegradable. We care about the environment that's why we have hired some of the best manufacturing experts just to create some of the best quality paper bags that are both recyclable and biodegradable and most importantly strong enough to carry the weight of the value of goods.

Feel free to create your own personal paper bags for branding and take your business to the next level. We can customize the paper bags for our customers for branding just the way they like it. We have professional designers that are expert in making amazing designs which will help you get more exposure for your brand making it the best unboxing experience. Our team takes a special interest in making custom designs that are both inspired by professional designers and social media celebrities so you never have to worry about the branding and marketing of your products and running out of ideas for brand exposure.

High-quality paper bags along with tailored designs for brand exposure. Consultation and packaging strategy by understanding our customer's goals and needs and then formulating a bulletproof plan so it can get perfect exposure. Perfectly executed and engineered design to transform your complex ideas into a practical real-world use packaging solution. Artwork so it can stand out of the completion specially made by our professional designers.

We offer paper bags for a sustainable future. Due to the increasing number of environmental issues, consumers all over the world are now demanding bio-based products and that's why our team of experts has moved towards pine trees which are a good source of obtaining biodegradable products which gradually detoriates each time it has been recycled. Paper bags manufacturers are now a part of the sector that is more concerned with nature and environmental safety, so based on renewable and nature-friendly materials we have carefully manufactured our products.

The simplest way to order from us is to just click on the inquire now button on the website and fill in the necessary details and order the product of your liking and if you want a customized sized and design product just mention it in the inquiry form and our team will content you as soon as possible.

Wholesale Paper Bag Supplier-Juxiang Offering Executive Design Bags

Our paper bags have made a significant impact on our society and the environment because of the biodegradable technology our products have decreased the amount of waste that every country produces each year, making us the marvellous paper shopping bag manufacturer of the international market. Our team of hard-working employees are always ready to deliver our customers the products they want and give them free advice on what type of product will be suiting their business better. We never tried to compromise on the equality of our products because we care about our customers and are always there to help them.


Branding Over Plain Surface

We offer our clients a variety of customized logos they can easily choose from for their paper bags. Logos are the most defining feature of your products, and we know how to make them look apart from others making our customer's products look more pleasing to look at. We are called as the best wholesale paper bag manufacturer because we provide high quality reliable and beautiful looking products that no one wants to take their eyes away from them.

We Only Use The High Quality Materials

Making our products using the best quality products and designing them using high quality ink and textured surfaces so it may look elegant and smooth from the edges. We have some of the best craftsman team that searches the internet and social media trends in order to understand what people look for in a shopping bag design and combine all the thoughts to make the best looking bags that not only looks great but also feels great in the hand that’s why we have errand the title of the remarkable wholesale paper bag manufacturer of China.  

Shop Satisfactorily

Buy from us with ease; we have a large variety of readily available shopping bags that you can easily choose from. All our shopping bags are designed in such a way that they can carry more items and weight than usual, making our products look unique from the ever-growing competition. Thanks to the positive feedback from our customers we have we are now known as the most trustworthy wholesale paper bag supplier in the global market. 


Additional information


All our paper bags are FSC PEFC chain of custody standards certified. Juxiang only offers the best to its customers thanks to our flexible in-line production process our shoppers can be fitted with a wide range of options, several different handle types (twisted, cotton, flat, punch, etc.), curved edges, and the ability to add a customize theme on the bag.

Superior quality

We provide sustainably and quality shopping bags of the highest grade that’s why we are known as one of the best paper shopping bag manufacturer out there. 


Being one of the best wholesale paper bag manufacturer our products includes some major attributes as follows.

100% recyclable

Broad range of weights handling

Smooth and shiny surface

Excellent formation

Superior printing surface

Consistent roll quality