Jewellery Packaging Box

Jewellery Packaging Box

The main purpose they serve is to protect your jewelry item from getting damaged by external forces and secondly they serve as a marketing tool for the company to promote their brand and make it look more luxurious than it actually is. Jewelry boxes are simply the most attractive tool any company can use to market their products in an easy way because most people really judge the quality of the item just by looking at the packaging they are in and how much attention to detail it is given to the box of jewelry.

The main features that a customer looks at before purchasing any jewelry item is the box and what brand or company logo is embossed on it. Elegance plays a big role in making your product look attractive in the eyes of the customers. Companies that deal in jewelry spend a lot of money just for making their boxes look more appealing and unique from others so people can recognize them from a distance that they are a reputable company and their products must be good.

Identify your target audience first, If you are targeting a younger audience then it needs to be a little more on the flashy side and if you are targeting an older audience then you need a simple and elegant design and color of the box that looks and feel smooth and mature at the same time. The right jewelry box depends upon the people your product is made to target. 

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Our unique packaging designs and options

We have rigid designed boxes that feature lid and base that do not need any assembly, and the base is more significant than the top, which provides the modern touch and feels to it. Their measurements are as follows

Box Size: 21.5 x 5 x 3.6 cm (8 1/2" x 2" x 1 3/8" inch)

Material: 1200 gsm cardboard, flocking plastic insert

Carton Size: 44 x 42 x 38 cm

Carton G.W.: 15.5 kgs

Package: 1pc / paper sleeve, 160 pcs/ctn

Custom printing available

Our packaging with a modern touch

We have unique jewellery packing options available in all colors and sizes; we even have specially designed packaging boxes for bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and other utility boxes.

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