Kids Calendar Series

  • Kids Calendar Series


1.Top Title (Have side space to write your family name, pets and works)

2.Side headers (Notes, To-Do, Menu etc.)

3.Your cartoon name, and favorite TV show 

4.It starts on Monday/Sunday

5.Text color (Can be customizable upon order)

6. It has a lot of kids friendly pics and photos of cartoon characters 

More About this Product

If you want to make your kids organized just buy them this calendar is made from high-quality paper and cardboard material. It has all the necessary stuff that a kid would enjoy. This calendar will also help your kids be more creative. It is specially designed for children who struggle to stay organized. It has enough space to write and draw on it which your kids love to do. You can even order us to use the images of your kids and other cartoon characters on monthly calendar pages. It is a perfect product for your kids to enjoy and play with it, They can even store small items like pictures or notes on its small pocket.