High-end Kraft Paper Bags

  • High-end Kraft Paper bags

Details About this Product

Extra Thick

 This matte black paper bag is made of 110g basis weight paper and has a well-constructed hard cardboard design. Holding weight up to 7lbs, the bag is strong enough and having a better load-bearing capacity than others 90g ordinary bags


Juxiang Printing kraft high end paper bags are perfect for any occasions. They can be used for holidays, parties, shopping, retail, merchandise and wedding welcome bags.

Decorate Yourself or by Us

This kraft bag is blank, you could decorate them with drawing, coloring and etc or you can order us to do it for you. 


This small matte black colour bag are perfect size for bagging and selling products, worked beautifully for your business. Placing the company logos will make it more elegant, come and try it now! 

More Information About This Product

This bag is designed to look beautiful which will help in selling your products. They are perfectly designed and well-constructed in order to give a premium feel to it. It can be recycled and it is made from biodegradable materials and does not contain any particular smell.