Food Packing Bag

  • Food Packing Bag

Food packaging bag

We have made our food packaging bags from using only the finest quality materials that are environmentally friendly and 100% natural. They are not coated, and so they're glossy!

Unlike the quality waxed plastic bags you may use today, these will exhibit no sign of ageing and have lifetime durability due to being completely non-toxic.

Materials used

This bag is made from exceptional cotton pipework with an upper layer of high-quality gloss polyethylene which slows the penetration or oxygen – essential in extending its life span beyond that already afforded by our packaging bag.

The brown coloured cotton lining is made from purchased all-natural mulberry fibers, again chosen for its functional properties – to protect the contents of your food and keep it fresh. (using only recyclable materials since consumers select these materials protective packaging products) As with all our products, this food packaging bag is tested and certified to be 100% free of harmful chemicals such as dioxins! And we use no paper at all to make our bags - just wheat straw, sunflowers, and natural wood pulp fibers. It is essential for the bag to be made from thick cloth/cotton pipework as this material does not require flame retardants.

The packaging bag theme can be customizable

We offer and deliver one of the best services and products to our customers! Our customers, upon order can even change the background colour or theme of the bag according to their needs. They can change the background theme to anime style, Disney cartoon style, or even can choose any marvels avengers character for their bag upon order. Our unique style and functionality has led us to expand our product range into other products like fridge bags, food container packaging bags, etc

All these innovative custom-made additions are manufactured using the same wheat straw fibers sourced only from mills in India as well as factory produced at an industrial scale, making sure high-quality material is used for construction.