Who Are We and What Are We Representing

Who Are We and What Are We Representing

We are the wholesalers that manufacture and supply custom packaging boxes of all types and sizes along with custom themes and logos for our customers. We are Juxiang Packaging Printing, the world's best custom paper bags and packaging bags manufacturing company that supply all our products on a global scale. Our delivery services are not limited by any region or country we supply worldwide.

The Goal of Juxiang Packaging Printing

Our main goal is to gain as many loyal customers as possible by providing them one of the best quality products made using the finest quality materials. We want to setup a benchmark of being one of the best wholesalers in the world. Our team of highly motivated employees are always ready to serve new customers with the best quality cardboard bags and other packaging materials.

Environment-Friendly Products

We are trying to achieve a technically advanced product that can compete in the market yet still be environmentally friendly. Quality materials, simple operation, and outstanding western union service make Juxiang Packaging Printing your ideal wholesale partner. Using the finest quality and laminated materials makes Juxiang Packaging Printing products environmentally friendly. We do not use any mediums of known carcinogens in our lamination processes, such as dyes or chemicals to create images on the sheets. Cardboard skins are treated with soy-based treatment without using dyes.  

Gross weight is no less than 12 ounces (340 grams), so it can be packed anywhere at ease while maintaining a neat and orderly look.

Omniprep Cardboard Bags One Of Our Unique Products

Cardboard box, which is well known for its excellent quality, eco-friendliness and stability during the transportation process, is our product line of choice. Using this packaging material has numerous benefits: It does not damage other articles in transit besides on an at most very small scale (under 0,25 mm). One can fit more than 500g into such a package because it is not heavy. The box holds its shape making it a perfect choice for wrapping fragile items like wine bottles, glass ornaments and high-quality products such as shoes which are often damaged during transportation with other containers.

What Services Are We Offering to Our Customers

One of the unique services we are offering to our clients is the service of providing custom logos and designs on our packaging boxes. You can even order a custom size and length of these boxes from us.

Environmental Friendly Materials We Use for Our Packaging Boxes

To ensure that the materials we use for our packaging boxes are environmentally friendly, we only use recyclable or environmentally safe materials. Our cardboard is made of 100% recycled paper, and all of the adhesives and coating used on our products are also environmentally friendly. These conditions ensure that the materials we use are environmentally friendly and will not cause damage to other items. Acquiring a reputation as the top in the packaging industry.