Different Kraft Bags and Their Popular Uses

Different Kraft Bags and Their Popular Uses

Kraft bags are known for their versatility and eco-friendly nature. These are highly durable bags used for carrying or packaging a number of products. These non-toxic paper bags meet all the environmental protection standards, which is why most brands prefer using them to promote their items. The High-strength and visually appealing traits of these paper bags add more to their worth and again prove their versatility. Let’s explore in this article different kraft bags and their uses. 

S.O.S. Bags

The S.O.S. bag is one of the most popular kraft bags as they are used by almost all restaurants and cafes for food delivery. The brown color is mainly the mark of its identification. Most mothers and guardians also use the S.O.S bags on a regular basis for packing their children’s lunches. The reason why these bags are mainly used for packing and carrying food items is that they are highly durable and also maintains the freshness of the food sustained for a longer time.  

Pinch-Bottom Bags

The Pinch-bottom bags are identified with their unique assembly. This bag generally remains open even if it’s loaded. They are most commonly used for the packing of baked items as they are grease-resistant. All bakery items remain fresh for a longer time in these packages.

Merchandise Bags

Merchandise bags are known for their stylish appeal. They are usually employed by different clothing brands because of their appealing look. Most business owners also offer party favors to their clients in these packages. Their sturdiness makes them lasting and which is why they can be reutilized again and again.

Euro Tote

Euro Tote is another popular kraft bag that is specifically designed aesthetic. It is used by both food brands and clothing brands as it can be customized in various ways. Every brand can print its logos and designs in these bags in a very ornamented way. Ribbon handles and glitter embellishments are usually attached in these bags that add more to their demand. 

Bakery Bags

Bakery bags are specifically designed for bakery items with special wax paper and glassine lining. These coatings help in protecting the food inside. The packages absorb all the grease from cookies or patties or bear the spills of coffee to maintain the freshness and quality of these items maintained for a longer time. 

Party Bag

Party bags are the funkiest bags as they are specifically designed for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or other special occasions. These bags are usually filled with party favors, gift cards, chocolates, mementos, etc. They are crafted with appealing colors, shapes, designs, sizes and make any party look much fun. 

Mailing Bags

Another incredible category of kraft paper bags is the mailing bags. These Envelope-style mailing bags are optimal to send critical files or other small but expensive products. The documents or smaller items remain completely safe inside the mailing bags with an extra layer of protective padding.

Recycled Bags

The recycled bags offered by the kraft paper bags companies are used for the packaging of every type of item. Most brands prefer investing in these bags as they are eco-friendly.