Common Types of Cardboard Bags

Common Types of Cardboard Bags

Paper bags have recently gained enormous popularity after the backlash received on plastic bags at superstores. As a result, all packaging industries have switched to paper bags to fulfill their packaging needs. However, the primary motive behind doing so is to switch to more green and environmentally friendly practices. But, cardboard bags provide enough creative uses as compared to ordinary plastic bags. Nowadays, cardboard bag manufacturing companies in the market offer customized bags in various designs and styles. Another reason behind the prevalence of paper bags is that they are reusable, perfect for increasing brand visibility, and do not end up in a landfill. Besides, the latter has been an excellent endeavor for business owners to advertise and promote their business. 

This blog post is not going to talk about the use of paper bags as a means of advertising, but we will tap into the diversity and versatility paper bags have to offer. So read along and learn about the exciting types of these bags. 

Kraft Paper Bags 

Kraft paper bags are the most common type of package bag. Most departmental stores and pharmacies use these bags to pack various medicines and other lifestyle products, including groceries. These bags are made from brown kraft paper and supported with another sheet of cardboard to support the weight of the items. 

SOS Bags

Also known as stand-on-shelf bags, SOS bags are similar to kraft paper bags, especially in shape. But unlike kraft bags, these bags do not wear out quickly and are more robust and durable. For weight support, there are top handles. These bags are used in the packaging of processed foods and drinks. In addition, these bags are dominantly used by workers to carry their lunch. SOS bags prove to be promising for fulfilling gifts needs as well. 

Pinch Bottom Bags 

Pinch bottom bags are like paper envelopes. These bags consist of two ends, where the tapered end remains open, and the other end towards the bottom is close-ended. Pinch bottom bags are usually used in bakeries to package bakery items and consists of an inner grease-resistant lining which makes these perfect for packaging dry food items. 

Merchandise Bags

Merchandise bags are premium quality and customizable paper bags. These bags are used in retail stores as merchandise as well as promotional bags. Along with that, these bags are also used by online retail stores for shipping purposes. Merchandise bags have a wide variety of designs and colors.