A smarter Choice to Preserve the Environment

A smarter Choice to Preserve the Environment

Recently we get to see that the use of paper bags has gained quite a lot of attention and the people are widely seen to use the paper bags in order to produce the carry out their daily activities whether it is about bringing groceries or gifting products to the other people. These paper bags are widely seen to be preferred over the use of the typical plastic bags it is also because of the fact that these paper bags are quite great when it comes to the factor of environmental friendliness as they are a type of product that not only fulfils the requirement of a bag but are also biodegradable as they can easily decompose unlike the plastic bags that stay for years and ages, pollution the water bodies, land and air pollution as well. These paper bags are also available in a variety of types as they vary in the form that they are made in, for instance; some of the paper bags are reusable while others are disposable. Each of the paper bag has its own unique quality that makes it a unique option that could be used based on your requirement. Some common types of paper bags that are produced by wholesale paper bag companies are:

Plain Brown Kraft Paper Bags

These are the most common type of paper bags that are seen to be used in various different departmental and grocery stores in order to carry the grocery products. These bags are made up of a simple brown kraft paper. Although the edges might not seem as durable but the base is comparatively better in a way that another sheet of paper is applied in order to make it slightly stronger. These are the bags that are more commonly seen to be used as they are amazing in the terms of cost as well and they do not contribute in landfills either.

SOS Bags 

These are the types of bags that are very much similar to the brown kraft paper when we talk about their design. However, compared to the simple kraft bags, these SOS bags are durable and they come along with a handle that could be used in order to carry them. They are commonly seen to be used by the children an office worker in order to carry their lunch. 

Pinch Bottom Bags

These rare the type of paper bags that are very much similar to the envelops as they have the ends of one side, tapered. They are often seen to be used in the bakeries in order to put the edible as they have a grease-resistant lining that prevents greasing.