5 Types of Paper Bags That Are Commonly Used

5 Types of Paper Bags That Are Commonly Used

The use of paper bags has become a common practice domestically and commercially as a notable measure against plastic, a key contributor to environmental pollution. The use of paper bags has not only open doors for a greener tomorrow but also has helped considerably to reduce plastic waste, which is a threat to our planet as well as to the marine life deep into the oceans. There are different supermarkets, companies, and manufacturers that have put their part in making the use of different paper bags common, and there are many contributors that are finding ways to take a shift from using harmful plastic bags. 

All paper bags that we use are not the same as each of them is produced using various techniques and to serve a unique purpose.  They might differ from each other in thickness, material, durability, and design to fit the intended use for which they have been designed in the first place. There are different suppliers that offer various types of paper bags that you can get in the required measurements that might be useful for your intended applications. 

Here are a few types of paper bags that are useful for various purposes.

Bakery Bags 

The ideal use of bakery bags is the storage of different food items. They are used to pack the food items; hence their role in retaining the freshness of a certain food product is pivotal. The bakery bags are available in numerous sizes and materials to go perfectly with various food items. The bakery bags are made in such a manner that they are sealed from all sides in order to avoid any external interference. 

Kraft Paper Bags

The kraft paper bags are one of the most commonly used paper bags that we use in our daily routine. They are usually brown in color and are widely used in different departmental stores, pharmacies, and shops. They are basically designed to store different grocery items and can be recycled or reused if needed. The paper bags are offered in various sizes and have been a popular choice for various supermarkets that have ditched the harmful plastic bags that were not only a threat to the environment but also causing a number of health-related problems.  There’s a huge kraft bags exporter circuit that provides a number of options for you at a reasonable price so you can choose the one that is according to your needs and desired specifications. 

S.O.S Bags 

The S.O.S bags often come in a brown shade and have handles provided with them in some cases. They are identical to the kraft bags but are used for different purposes. They are often utilized for official use and for school kids. They come in different size options and can be found in color variations as well. The most common use of these bags is for the packaging of different gifts and products. 

Merchandise Bags 

The merchandise bags are the kind of paper bags that are widely used in the packaging of different clothing items. They are commonly used for business purposes where the items come wrapped in these bags to provide safety. Different clothing manufacturers offer them their shipments, so the product doesn’t get damaged in the transportation process. The merchandise bags come in various sizes and shapes that might vary depending on their specific use. 

Pinch Bottom Bags 

The pinch bottom bags are ideal for packing small stuff that you need to carry from one place to another. They are designed as an envelope and in such a manner that they stay open when items are inserted inside the bag. They come in various contemporary designs and sizes.